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Super Market Mania 2

Supermarket Mania 2 for Windows 10 is an awesome, trial version game only available for Windows, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Role Playing and has been created by G5 Entertainment AB.

Super Market Mania 2

Once everything in a certain store is upgraded, and you move on to a different location, you have to start from scratch, and lose all those perks you just worked extra hard to acquire which ends up being a bit frustrating. Though this is a normal occurrence in these sort of games, some sort of bonus would have been appreciated when advancing to the next supermarket.

Developer: G5 EntertainmentPrice: FREE (with $6.99 in-app purchase to acquire full game)Version Reviewed: 1.0Device Reviewed On: iPad 2Graphics / Sound Rating: Game Controls Rating: Gameplay Rating: Replay Value Rating: Overall Rating: The casual time management genre is an addictive one, even for those players who don't want to admit it. Supermarket Mania 2 mixes up the concept enough that it feels like a more fleshed out game that requires more thought than many other games in the genre. This ensures that it feels as fully fledged as the PC version rather than being a cut down version.

This is mostly thanks to not being solely based around shelf stacking. The early levels ably guide players through the basics. At the start of each level, players get a quick moment to set up shop. This isn't just a matter of filling up the trolley and stocking shelves as the supermarket sells much more than that. Players will quickly find themselves needing to make milkshakes, croissants, coffee and eventually pizza. This is all mostly a matter of simply combining items but it's a heady combination ensuring that there's always something that needs doing.

Ultimately, Supermarket Mania 2 is immensely satisfying for fans of the genre. The difficulty level is keenly set ensuring that it's challenging but never unfairly so (although achieving Expert scores might test a few people's patience), and it consistently offers that 'one more go' feeling. Casual players won't be disappointed by any means.

Supermarket Mania 2 is a time-management game with comic-style artwork.Multi-million-downloaded game finally receives a much-awaited sequel! Nikki and her friends Clarence, Wendy and Max are ready for the new adventure as they arrive in Tinseltown where Uncle Ross needs help with his troubled supermarket chain, and Mr. Torg is plotting his revenge plans.

For whatever reason, there are a few solid free apps available on the App Store today. First up, Spirits, the excellent and artsy Lemmings-style platformer, is free for download on both the iPhone and the iPad. Supermarket Mania 2, the supermarket-based time management game, is also free for a limited time. Rat on a Skateboard has gone completely free after a recent update, and stick figure tower defense app Tesla Wars has also decided go for the low, low price of zero dollars (while adding some in-app purchases). All excellent apps -- pick them up for free if you haven't yet.

Have you ever wanted to run and grow your very own supermarket? Well, you're in luck! Super Market Mania 2 is a game that's refined its original supermarket simulator to entertain the demands of aspiring shop managers worldwide. Will you be the most fantastic store owner in Tinsel Town, or will you fall behind the intense competition that creeps up in the neighborhood?

Super Market Mania 2 is a simulator that's by far a relaxed experience. The intensity of gameplay lives up to the realistic notion that running a supermarket can be chaotic and half a billion tasks must be accomplished daily. The versatility and variety of the game look intriguing and perhaps could be a simulator with a lot of potential.

It's worth mentioning that Super Market Mania 2 was conceptualized by watching the shopping culture of Black Friday, where the animal instincts come out in humans to get some cheap goods. The developers integrated that intensity curve into gameplay, where the core mechanic is combatting the chaos that customers bring to unsuspecting markets.

The narrative behind Super Market Mania 2 is that you'll take the shoes of Nikki. She's a bright-eyed entrepreneur keen to make her uncle's supermarket chain successful in Tinsel Town. Accomplishing this will put players through over 80 levels of grueling market management. You'll have to keep shelves stocked, stop thieves, curate specific goods, and meet customer demands.

If the idea of managing a supermarket has ever crossed your mind, there's plenty to enjoy in Super Market Mania 2. It's more visually appealing, has a better delegation of tasks, and has an enthusiastic drive to succeed. That surpasses similar games like Supermarket Tycoon that failed to make any memorable impact on this concept.

Players will find flaws in the game that feel dull due to repetition. But then you could argue that it's the life of a supermarket manager, and you have to take it as it comes. Most casual players will find some enjoyment in stages of the title, ultimately making it worth playing.

Supermarket Mania Journey 2015 - 2023 G5 Holdings Limited. All Rights Reserved. Published by G5 Entertainment AB. Supermarket Mania Journey, G5 Games and G5 Entertainment are registered trademarks of G5 Entertainment AB.

Consistent with the first Supermarket Mania game, Nikki will need to run the daily operations of various supermarket locations. Each level of the game represents a single business day. A specific amount of money must be earned in order to move forward in the game.

The controls are without major issues, which is even more important for a game as hectic as this one. You are able to cancel actions (though only all of them at once, not particular ones), you can plan very far ahead, and wrongly registered clicks are a rare exception. The graphics of Supermarket Mania 2 are very clean and bright, though not too different from its predecessor. Goods and products are easy to differentiate and it is simply great fun to watch all those customers running through your shop and filling their bags. Apart from the regular shopping business there are also a few special types of customers. The celebrity will visit your stores every once in a while, which will cause all your other customers to stop shopping. Sometimes you have to bring back a small boy to his mother, while you will get a nice chunk of bonus money when you catch a thief while he is trying to steal some of your goods. All those different tasks and details can become overwhelming, but fortunately there are power-ups that you can purchase at the beginning of each level. Those power-ups ease the moods of your customers, slow the time around Nikki, or clean the shop within one second.

The biggest flaw of Supermarket Mania 2 is definitely the lack of diversity from shop to shop. The upgrades and power-ups for each shop are the same, the shops do not look highly different, and the products remain the same without very few exceptions, which can be a tad disappointing after fifty levels. Fortunately there are themed levels in between the regular ones, for example a sale for milkshakes, or the Thankstaking Day sale, which at least add the feeling of change and prove that the game does not take itself too serious.

In the end Supermarket Mania 2 is without a doubt a decent game in need of some more variety between levels. The graphics are appropriate, the game includes a lot of different features, but the same challenges, upgrades and customers in each shop tend to get boring after two or three hours. Despite this one issue, the game is still worth a look if you liked the predecessor or do not mind the repetition of certain features.

December 2nd, 2010- G5 Entertainment, known forits best-selling iPhone, iPad, PC and downloadable console gameslike Stand O'Food, Mahjongg Artifacts and Virtual City today announced that Supermarket Mania 2 for PC is now available at Twoyears in the making, Supermarket Mania 2 is the highly anticipated sequel toone of the best-selling time management games ever. In addition tothe full version of Supermarket Mania 2 available for $9.99, fanswill also find a free trial version of the game at _84/.

Supermarket Mania 2 is an entirely fresh experience withnew graphics, new music, new customers, new devices, new gamemechanics, and new special levels for hours of fun. Nikki and herfriends Clarence, Wendy and Max are ready for adventure as theyarrive in Tinseltown where Uncle Ross needs help with his troubledsupermarket chain, and Mr. Torg is plotting revenge.

G5 Entertainment is a leading publisher and developer of highquality casual games for iPhone, iPad, PC, and portable consoles.The company's most popular franchises include Supermarket Mania, Stand O'Food, Virtual City and Mahjongg Artifacts.

Supermarket Mania, at its core, operates as a time management sim set in a grocery store. Or rather, five grocery stores. With a large 50-stage story mode, players take control of Nikki and must manage time and products to keep grocery stores stocked for customers. Besides just working to keep stores stocked, players have to deal with a competing grocery store. By working with speed and dedication, players earn enough cash to upgrade their grocery stores to better compete with the rival store.

Besides the large story mode, the game also features an alternate "Endless Shift" mode with bonuses, five total shops, and seven different types of customers. Supermarket Mania features over a dozen different products to manage, and over twenty upgrades for the stores.

Supermarket Mania 2 is a great production for those who enjoy playing time-consuming restaurant and supermarket management games, and it is among the highlights in the Windows 8.1 Store besides mobile. In the continuation of the series, we help Nikki and her friends get things right in the supermarket they just opened. 041b061a72


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